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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Entropy Girl was a dragon (me: Are you a nice dragon or a scary dragon? EG: I'm a TWO year old dragon!) and the Boy Wonder went as fireworks.

I decided last year that I would only commit to one time-intensive costume per year. This year was the Boy Wonder's year since he wanted to be fireworks and his sister didn't much care (although she's already announced that next year she will Trick-or-Treat as a puppy - a pink puppy. In a purse.) I wish we had his box all squared (ha!) away before snapping these shots because he really was darling. And he worked very hard on this - the idea was to paint a box that he'd wear hanging from his shoulders and then use gallons of glitter glue to put fireworks on all four sides. Then he wore a bunch of strands of those bendy wire foil star decorating things all twisted up as a kind of hat. Once he got the hang of walking inside the box he was quite happy with the effect.

The dragon came from last year's post-Halloween clearance from Target. And, really, what more could I possibly ask of a toddler's costume than to 1) fit over clothes, 2) eliminate the need of an additional coat and 2) be inexpensive cheap?

In other news, pineapple has been procured and weekend time cleared. We just might end up with some pineapple lime jam before too long. The mother of one of the Boy's friends heard of the plan and said, "Oh, what a wonderful gift that would make!" and all I could think was gift, schmift, this stuff's gonna be for me.
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