Thursday, November 07, 2013

Entire Empires Have Been Based on Less

For all the elaborate organizational methods I have tried over the years, none has been quite as effective as humble adhesive note paper (did you know that Post-It and Sticky Note are trademarked by 3M and Société Bic, respectively? This means, among other things, that there's no non-awkward, non-trademark-using way to write about these things. Awkward it is.)

My house is festooned with stuck-on reminders of all kinds of work, kid, personal, dog, and social obligations.  I counted 20 earlier today but if I made the sweep again I could probably take down at least five. Then again, I'd likely replace them with whatever I need to remember - kid passport appointment on Saturday at the library! craft fair on Sunday! -  over the next three/four days so 20 seems like it might be steady state.

I don't really consider myself memory-challenged, but in the face of this evidence I probably need to change my tune. Would someone with life under control need to put a yellow note on the backdoor with the reminder that my friend's housewarming present is in the hall closet? Or a blue reminder on the tennis racket that there is no lesson on Sunday but to go to the history museum open house instead? I can't decide if I'm irrationally basing my life on small bits of paper and dabs of glue or if I am quite sensibly adapting to my own limitations. Perhaps a bit of both? As long as I don't someday write myself a note to buy more notes, I suppose there's nothing to worry about.  Right?

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Elle said...

Container Store is selling something called the Memo Sticky Roll. I may buy because the children seize my adhesive notes & use them as paper, so i don't have any to stick at points required. I mostly use them to leave directions and/or amendments for the people here. But I'm super-private abt my own prompts, so I would never post them all over. Idk if that means I'm organized. Maybe.

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