Thursday, May 09, 2013

Everything Old is New Again

At the old house we kept a vegetable plot in the adjacent community garden. The arrangement was super convenient. Not only was the garden a couple hundred feet from our front door, but the organizers had helpfully erected a six foot tall fence with multiple doors, dug a well and run water lines, and made available tilling services.  All this is nice and takes a lot of the heartbreak out of growing edibles.
You can't see them, but there are zucchini here. Tomatoes, too.

But we've moved.  In this house we're on our own, infrastructure- wise. Since I am disinclined to wrap my yard in chain link fence to ward off critter-related losses I'm just going to have to, as they say at the office, operate at risk. At least for now. We're less than two miles from the old place so will likely see the same deer, rabbits, ground hogs and raccoon we've come to know lo these many years. So be it and may I get a nibble or two for my trouble.

When it comes to vegetables, I am not much for glam and flash. Ours is strictly a radish, lettuce, tomato, bean, and squash operation. If I'm feeling fancy, and this year I think I am, I'll put up a bean trellis. We can't do much, really, because the only sunny spot in the year isn't very big - I might be able to squeeze, I don't know, six by 10 feet out of it. 

This weekend's big plans are to dig the bed out from the place where...I don't know what used to grow. There are some things that look bulb-like there, an overgrown rose of some beleaguered type and a lilac which is the only thing I'm planning to keep. Next time you see this area, it'll be chock full of either veggie plants or maybe the chewed up stubs of veggie plants.  Either way, there's work ahead.

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Elle said...

Deer used to come into our backyard all the time at our old house, bold as anything; they would bring fawns! And rabbits along the back, eating zinnias like candy! Fille is upset bc her sunflower shoots are endangered by squirrels but I tell her she has no idea. None. Good luck to you. Build a doghouse for those dogs, woof-woof.

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