Wednesday, November 07, 2012

There Can Be Only One

Land with horses, but not Horseland
My daughter has discovered an animated series called Horseland and I'm pretty sure she's taken all of a week to glom the entire three seasons.  I've never heard of the originating network so thank goodness for our friends at Netflix because the show and it's boppy theme song have helped ease her anxiety around having moved and a wee spot of friend drama.  We don't typically allow much screen time during the week, although an episode just before bedtime seems to ease things along so it's a rule that I bend easily.

But! That's not the point of sharing the miracle of Horseland.  The point is that last night as I was sort of listening along to the the gentle, heart-warming lessons of barn life I became gradually aware that one of the characters sound just like Captain Picard.  How delightfully random!  Patrick Stewart is A++ awesome in my book so that made Horseland an even better choice for snuggle time viewing.  So I chatted with the girl about voicing as a subset of the dramatic arts and even looked up a picture of Stewart so she could see who it was I was so thrilled to hear.  There may have been a segue into A Christmas Carol and a short time stuck in the weeds of the Star Trek video game franchise.  To recover, I suggest we look into Horseland's history.

What ho! The wise and witty, if a bit bossy, collie Shep isn't voiced by Patrick Stewart at all.  It's Sean Connery.  Friends, I will not lie, I squeed.  Before I could recount the history of Bond films or how I discovered Highlander back in the days when we had to go to video stores to watch a movie at home, she took the viewing gadget and left the room.  Ungrateful for my attempt at educating her, but what can I do?

Later I made a comment to my husband about the Patrick Stewart/Sean Connery mis-identification and he was completely scandalized. How could I not know the difference? Was all of his Star Trek education for naught? Did I learn nothing from those Bond marathons? He is aghast.  All I can say in my defense is that I evidently have legions of Batman fans, to bring yet another mythology to this long and pointless tale, on my side.  I may not be as satisfying a geek as some might hope, but at least I'm not completely crazy.


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