Friday, November 02, 2012

In Between Days

At the moment, we are a bit of in between on kids' activities.  Maybe not exactly in between as much as in a lull?  Our son has been battling the aftereffects of a sports injury for months and forever now so he's actually had very little in the way of programmed sports or classes or clinics or whatever for nearly 10 months.  As for the girl child, I was surprised to find that riding is a year-round sport and that classes continued through the winter as long as there are no actual blizzard conditions.  Who knew?
Girl child and one of her BFFs.
She also plays in a winter basketball rec league (so cute! the new house came with a basketball net so now all I have to do is locate the little ball-blower-upper-thing for the pump and she can layup to her heart's content).  But basketball hasn't started yet and the school running program is sort of low key we are, with evenings spent at home and not much in the way of excuses for not getting things in post-move order.

For my part, this is one of the first times in years and years that I have an activity of my own. If I were sporty, I might say I'm in training to run a couple races.  But I am very assuredly, with years of hard evidence on this point, not sporty so I'm just going to say that I've bought new sneakers and am trying to get ready to run two upcoming races; one next month (a mere six weeks away!) with my daughter as the output of that school running program and one with my sister as part of a sisters-and-mom vacation in February.  There likely won't be lots of pictorial evidence, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

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