Thursday, November 01, 2012

The First Day of the Rest

I remember last year reading Becky and maybe Elle and someone else who had done the whole every-day-in-November posting thing. I loved it lots. Although I broke my once-a-week promise, made in the flush of that reading pleasure, I...well, I don't know.  In the year since there's been lots o' living here at the Hot Water Bath homestead - most of which I won't actually share, because huge chunks of it were irritating in the extreme.  The short of it, which I'd like you to consider the takeaway message, consists of the following: wear a helmet while skiing, hang up on those who bring drama, eschew inertia.

That's it - the sum total of the wisdom I've gathered over the course of 2012, from my house to yours.

Breaking news over the past two weeks is that "my house" now is a different "my house".  We are no longer in the old farmhouse, having traded it for a mid-century colonial that we love.  The new place is about two miles up the road from the old place and works well on many fronts, not the least of which is that no one had to change schools, basketball teams, best friends, etc.
Although the house if fiftyish years old, we are only the second owners.  We are charmed by the daisy-print Formica, buttercup yellow toilet, the teal toilet and wheat-graphic wallpaper.  Charmed, but not keeping.  We're not in a particular rush, though, and are enjoying what's here while we settle in and make a new home.*

There are still incredible numbers of boxes that need to be unpacked.  It's clear that we 1) never should have moved much of this stuff and 2) we own too much.  As annoying as these problems are, they are much more pleasant than other burdens with which we could have been imposed.  Solving them is among my primary goals moving into 2013.  I'm not going to proclaim a year without shopping or radical minimalism or anything like that, although I've rapidly become an adherent to Faux Fuschia's belief that Clutter and Hoarding are the Devil's Work
and will be Taking Steps.

* We also are the proud owners of a yellow GE Hotpoint oven that looks a lot like this one, except ours is the double model and has glass in the doors.  Note the analog controls!  For being as old as they are it's incredible to say that they also work better and keep more accurate temps than any new(er) oven I've ever used.  Parts are still sold for these babies and my only real issue is that they're yellow.  I wonder if an auto body shop can paint the doors?  In the meantime, did somebody say Christmas cookies?


Elle said...

Our last house had a wall oven & it was the world's greatest luxury. Then the baby started the cooktop on fire & we had to replace it -- due to the standardization of home-building since [whenever] -- with the next size up: six burners! But, sadly, the house was in the suburbs and I had to move or shoot myself in the face, and we all know what happened! Hello! xoxox

ruthless said...

My oven is an old wall oven which I sadly have to replace as the door no longer shuts properly and the front panel is falling off. I will be sad to lose the little card with Fahrenheit/Centigrade conversion on it which the previous owner stuck on. So glad, you are doing November. me too, I hope

Marsha said...

I am, so far, really liking the wall oven. I haven't taken advantage of the second yet, but holidays are coming and I doubtless will. I do need to find a source for parts, though, if I'm going to keep it for the long term.

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