Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fall In, Fall Out

Hurricane Sandy more or less put to an end any fall loveliness that might have been showing itself in my corner of the world.  We came out of the storm relatively unscathed with only moderate property damage; the kind that falls under the heading of "Oh, drat" and nothing at all of the sort faced by so many in New Jersey and New York.  How we got so lucky I couldn't say, but I have been muttering near constant thanks since Tuesday evening.
Autumn barn, pre-Sandy
School and work resumed on Wednesday.  Local work, that is.  My employer has large numbers of personnel in several of the hardest hit areas and while many of us scrambled to keep the the train moving, as it were, those people fought more immediate and personal battles.  Hearing their stories inspires me to make sure to do right by them so that when they're back at their desks, as they surely will be soon (right?), they'll find their cares not added to but rather diminished.
The storm is, of course, still a huge topic of discussion.  Everyone knows someone who is trapped at home, who lost a home, who doesn't dare leave because there's no guarantee of being able to get back.  Seeing the damage it's amazing there aren't even more such stories.  Astonishing, really.

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