Tuesday, May 13, 2003

The process of making the mushrooms was completely consuming and, as much of a hassle as the mushrooms were, I'll probably make more anyway. They're really great, but two pounds of 'shrooms only makes 2 and a half pints of product.

The basic process is simple enough, there's just a lot of knife work (which I'm neither industrious nor foodie enough to enjoy). I cleaned, trimmed and halved the two pounds of mushrooms, chopped two shallots and removed about 3 tablespoons of fresh thyme from its stems. These were heated in several tablespoons of olive oil before adding a quarter cup of white wine vinegar and a quarter cup of balsalmic vinegar. I feel like I'm forgetting something here, but I can't think of what. Anyway, once all this was heated together, I packed it into hot jars, sealed and processed for 10 minutes. I'm thinking that these will be great in little radicchio cups as a starter, or maybe as part of a relish tray.

I had originally intended to spend Mother's Day canning some blueberry pie filling, but decided to wait until the berries are in season (doh!). Instead, I was spoiled by the gifts of a new sewing machine, three links for my zopinni charm bracelet and lunch at an Indian buffet. After lunch, my son took a two and a half hour nap (which means that mom and dad did, too) and we finished the day by puttering around the garden and helping the kid master his new little bike (given to him by his friends Connor and Shannon, who aren't using it anymore; Connor because he has a big boy bike and little sis Shannon because she has a brand new girl bike) . An all around fantastic day. This weekend we're going to be getting ready for holiday weekend company, but I might try to make some key lime marmalade. We'll have to see how it goes. Tomorrow is my first visit to the local farm market, so I might see something there to push the marmalade further down the agenda.
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